STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Official Teaser Trailer Released!

The moment of triumph is out in the science-fiction universe!

Prepare your lightsabers, get ready for space travels, fight the droids, face the dark forces, explore the universe, form allies with out of this world life forms and save the galactic empire!

Finally, the worldwide intergalactic sci-fi phenomenon is back with a big bang of its much-awaited official teaser trailer!

Die-hard Star Wars fans took a first glimpse into the latest intergalactic sci-fi teaser trailer garnering millions of views just over a few hours of its release! The teaser warped a handful of stellar scenes showing some familiar settings and briefly introducing new characters which sparked a radiance of excitement!

So don't dare shed a tear of joy once you hear again the Star Wars anthem at the end of the official teaser trailer below:

Video posted by: Star Wars

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