C2 Amps-Up The Biggest Sing-along Party Of The Year - #MYXMo2014!

Nothing feels better than jamming to your favorite artists’ hit songs at Araneta Coliseum!

#MYXMo2014! would not have been as amazing as it was if it weren't for one of our special sponsors − C2! For the biggest sing-along party of the year, one would definitely need something to clear the throat and ready those vocal chords! Well, C2 gave us a hand on that as they had a C2 Cool & Clean booth set-up for all MYXMo-goers to keep refreshed throughout the night! As the party was just getting started, C2 also held an extra fun contest to get everybody's singing voices ready and the energy high!

We've all heard that catchy C2 “Believe. Achieve." jingle − and that night, we were all able to sing-along to it through the C2 Sarap ng Bukas Believe You Can Sing contest.

Selected contestants sang their hearts out on stage - belting out to C2 “Believe. Achieve." in the hopes of winning over the crowd to get C2’s special gift pack! The contestants definitely showcased their talents and vivacity as the crowds gamely joined in to the singing. Rocking it out at the Big Dome, the aspiring singers were rewarded with cool and clean prizes from C2!

It was, indeed, an amazing experience to have C2 onboard during the memorable night of #MYXMo2014! We can thank them for adding on that extra "flavor" to top off the biggest sing-along party of the year!