United To Fight: The #onestep4RED World AIDS Day Concert Struck The Hearts Of Many!

At the New York Times Square, one of the most amazing concerts went down - the "World AIDS Day Concert" - raising awareness about the pandemic of AIDS! It's a serious happening that many shy away from, but with the power of music, a strong message can be sent for a cause, which is exactly what happened during this event!

December 1st was World AIDS Day, and we were so lucky to be able to witness so many of our favorite artists on stage and be a part of this concert for awareness! No to mention, that this concert was actually a surprise-pop-up one!

The former US President - Bill Clinton, was there to introduce the first performers of the night! Up on the stage to open the event was U2! Unfortunately due to an accident, Bono wasn't there with them to perform. However, Chris Martin of Coldplay was his "substitute," which he proudly and humorously displayed on the shirt he wore during the event!

They played two of our favorite songs - "Beautiful Day" and Without or Without You"!

Followed up after them, was country singer and American Idol Season 4 winner - Carrie Underwood, who gave us a powerful and heartfelt performance!

Kanye West, aka "Yeezy" then took the stage, performing his songs, "Power," "Jesus Walks," "Black Skinhead," "Stronger," and ended his set with "Touch The Sky"! Definitely a great set for empowerment!

Then, U2 went back onstage, joined by Bruce Springsteen, performing, "Where The Streets Have No Name" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"!

Everyone present at the World AIDS Day Concert was evidently moved and empowered by everything that went down, as they sang along with the artists performances and had their hands up in the air! 

It was absolutely another night to remember at the New York Times Square, and essentially at the end of the day, we were all able to take that extra "one step for RED"!

We're all united to fight, so let's do our part and take #onestep4RED to help increase the awareness of AIDS in any way we can!