Asia's Nightingale Prepares For Her Captivating Return!

Her voice earned her the titles Multiplex Queen up to the coveted Asia's Nightingale and even Siren of the Strip! 

Unbelievably, It has been seven long years since Lani Misalucha's last concert at the Big Dome! But on December 6, Lani is back to conquer Araneta Coliseum with her sheer talent, humble demeanour, divine presence and years of experience! Long-time fans are so excited for her concert dubbed as "La Nightingale: Lani Misalucha The Return Concert!" 

Our Asia's nightingale is preparing for a captivating return and gives you an inside look of what to expect with a Lani Misalucha concert!

That MESMERIZING vocal talent! Watching her live will become one of the best moments of your life! This is one diva you would not want to miss, because her voice will demand the respected silence it deserves! Prepare your phones to take memories of the singing nightingale, and be careful not to get lost in her vocal spell!

That LAS VEGAS touch! Lani's bringing her Siren of the Strip show at The Big Dome! Just perfect for a Saturday night! Definitely expect Las Vegas style to leave you in amazement at the big dome!

That EXPERIENCE she gained! Her concert will highlight her journey all through out the years! Lani will deliver classic and modern songs with a nightingale's flavor that will surely make you shiver in awe!

That HUMBLE yet DIVAesque demeanor! 

"It is always a fact that you cannot be always on top of your game, you know, there's always the ups and downs, you cannot  always be a hundred percent healthy, a hundred percent in your element, so we just have to face the fact it could happen, and to be able to prepare yourself for that experience, I guess, we just have to work a little bit harder and prepare for that," she shared in a MYXclusive interview!

That PASSION she embibes! Lani admits of struggling to sleep and memorizing her lyrics, but her passion for the songs she sings helps her get through the ordeal gracefully! The love of her long-time and new supporters give her enough strength to continue what she loves, which is singing!

A Lani Misalucha concert is a concert to attend in your bucketlist! To long-time supporters and new found Lani Misalucha lovers, get prepared to be engulfed by the beautiful nightingale voice on December 6 at the Araneta Coliseum!

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