All Was Given At the THE VOICE KIDS ALL IN Concert!

They gave their all - pouring their hearts on the stage of PICC's Plenary Hall, making a mark in music history!

It was an epic night for The Voice Kids Finalists - Lyca Gairanod, Darren Espanto, Darlene Vibares and Juan Karlo Labajo, featuring Tonton Cabiles and Edray Teodoro - as they proved that "big things, come in small packages," with their overflowing talent that was showcased at The Voice Kids All In - The Concert! They may still be kids, but they definitely know how to perform and put on an amazing show!

Here are some of the highlights that went down at their concert last night!

The show was started off with a powerful number, with each one of the six entering one at a time singing! Then they all joined each other on stage for an amazing opening collaboration!

Then the first-ever The Voice Philippines Champion - Mitoy Yunting, joined each of the boys - Darren, JK and Tonton - on stage, serenading the audience with dynamic duets! Then all three of the boys joined Mitoy for a "boy-band-feel" collaboration, or "One Direction Philippines," humorously exclaimed by Mitoy! He gave a special message for all of the kids, saying that they are all in the right direction to even greater things in the future!

Lyca Gairanod - winner of The Voice Kids Philippines, then performed her rendition of her The Voice coach - Sarah Geronimo's, "Ikot-Ikot"! We were able to see Lyca's "dancer" side in this number as she showed her cute moves on stage while performing this song!

Then followed, first-runner up of The Voice Kids - Darren Espanto, serenading the many "Darrenatics" present that night with his original song from his album, "In Love Ako Sayo"! Darren made his way down to the audience to get a closer and more personal interaction with his fans while he sang, receiving one of the loudest cheers of the night! 

Then it was time for the girl's turn for a collaboration! Klarisse De Guzman - first runner-up of the first The Voice Philippines, stepped on stage first with Edray for a duet! Then as the song transitioned, Lyca and Darlene joined them on stage as well for a strong girl-power performance!

Darren and Darlene gave separate performances which showcased that they're not only great singers, but dancers as well! With Darren performing "Animals" by Maroon 5 and Darlene performing Ariana Grande's "Break Free," the stage was on fire and the audience was feeling the heat!

Simmering down the energy, Juan Karlos Labajo then came out on stage with a passionate and sentimental performance of, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" or his take, "The Son Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script, which he dedicated to his mother. Tears ran down his eyes as he sang, feeling every bit of the lyrics, which created such a strong atmosphere of pure artistry through song, touching the hearts of everyone present that night! It was a performance of mixed-emotions, but it all ended well as the audience cheered JK on! It was evident that he was caught up in the moment and just beyond grateful at how far he has come.

All six of The Voice Kids then gathered up on stage for an amazing dance number - again, showcasing that they are true performers who can not only sing, but dance as well!

Bassilyo, then made a special guest apppearance and performed a special Christmas version of his song, "Lord Patawad," together with Lyca, Darren, Darlene, JK, Edray and Tonton!

As the concert neared it's end, The Voice Kids all came out together singing a medley of songs in the spirit of Christmas! And for the grand finale, Klarisse and Mitoy joined them again on stage! Confetti rained over the stage and the audience, making it feel like a white Christmas in the Philippines! The concert ended in nothing but good-vibes as the six gave their last song singing Pharrell's "Happy"!

It was their first big concert, and we know that their will definitely be more to come from this talented bunch! At such a young age, they were able to put up an amazing show! We can only imagine what we can expect from these kids, but one thing is for sure - these kids' talent and our love for them will only keep growing! So let's continue to support them as they venture on their journey in the great music industry!

You can check out more photos from their amazing concert by clicking here!

What was the most memorable part of their concert for you? Share it with us by leav ing a comment!



  • marchderrick

    posted 2 years ago

    i wasn'nt in the concert but i know my darren performed amazingly.

  • trexen_amatosa

    posted 2 years ago


  • trexen_amatosa

    posted 2 years ago

    totoo ngang talented ka darren

  • trexen_amatosa

    posted 2 years ago

    galing mo talaga darren espanto............
    proud to be a darrennatics

  • Aguecelle

    posted 2 years ago

    lahat ng nakikita ko comment panay kay darren huehue, dami talaganG fans ni darren espanto :) DARRENATICS FOREVERRR !