SAM SMITH Songs That You Wish To Hear In Manila!

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Sam Smith Lovers, we hope you have heard of the English singer-songwriter's Christmas song version of the hit Christmas carol already! 

Well, December really gives great Sam Smith news because aside from his "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" cover, the GRAMMY-nominated artist will leave Filipino fans crying with joy as he brings his "In The Lonely Hour" tour for the first time in Manila on May 10, 2015 at the Mall Of Asia Arena!

Since we have five months to go and Sam Smith is looking to win a GRAMMY award on February, let's tour our emotions back and sing along with some of our favorite Sam Smith songs that actually made us cry inside!

1) Money On My Mind (Acoustic)

The magic of Sam Smith's voice can turn a warm tune blue! When you listen to his acoustic version of "Money On My Mind," you may agree that it's better than the original, because there's really something in Sam Smith that makes it all emotional!  But whether it's acoustic or not, atleast Sam Smith's singing it! 

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2) Stay With Me

"Stay With Me" is just emotional at all levels! Have you ever felt giving all your heart to someone who took you for granted? Well, Thank the heavens for Sam Smith, he just described that empty feeling in this song! His voice just overflows with feelings you just might want that tissue by your side.

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3) Latch (Acoustic)

Listening to Sam Smith's "Latch" will make you understand that deep love for someone! It's just there in the lyrics, that touch of true feelings makes you feel that someone in the world cares about how you feel! Brace for an emotional 4 minutes of your life with this song!

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4) Leave Your Lover

Urgh! Sam Smith's "Leave Your Lover" has all the right to make a one-sided lover cry! Here's a part of the lyrics "Oh, I'm in love with you/ and you will never know/ But if I can't have you/ I'll walk this life alone"  and if you want more, then let Sam Smith's voice lead you in this song!

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5) Lay Me Down (Acoustic)

This song just slays all the other "missing you" songs! Sam Smith in his "Lay Me Down' song gives that missing-you-incredibly feeling! Play this song because this song will comfort that heavy feeling!

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 6) I'm Not The Only One

In this song, we guess Sam Smith knew how it feels to get double-crossed by someone you love! His song, "I'm Not The Only One" proves to unfaithful lovers out there that they can't get away with it, because their loyal and faithful lovers already knew they're not the only one! 

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7) Nirvana (Acoustic)

Everyone wants to escape their worries, sufferings and desires! Sam Smith's "Nirvana" just wants you to feel happy at the end! Don't let sadness take over you, just listen to this song, it will help you escape from reality in a while!

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8) Restart

Since, you've been through an emotional ride listening to most of his songs, listening to "Restart" will help you recover from that overwhelming sadness! It's the reality of life, we need to get back and start all over again, so here's the song for you!

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Whether it's a broken soul or a broken heart, Sam Smith channels that singing talent with deep passion that pierces through everyone's feelings the moment they hear him sing! 

Fans are more than excited and can't wait for May to come! Meanwhile, let's keep on listening to his songs and supporting our English superstar at the GRAMMYs!