Is JUSTIN BIEBER's New Platinum-Blonde Hair To "Dye" For?

Photo Source: Twitter Account of biebxrsmile

Trending worldwide on Twitter was the hashtag, #WeLoveYourNewHairJustin, as Beliebers all over the world continue to support whatever Bieber does, including dyeing his hair platinum-blonde! But contrary to this - it seems that Justin Bieber himself, doesn't seem too pleased with his new do.

Photos on social media have clearly shown as he was spotted this week, trying to hide his new do! Maybe he made a mistake with the platinum-blonde hair color or he wasn't intending it to be that exact color?

But why is there a need to hide? Because it seems that the majority of his most loyal "Belieber" fans are absolutely loving his new do!

Maybe due to the number of negative comments about Justin's hair, he seems to be shying away from publicity, but all of the love from his fans are overpowering the negativity, so there's nothing to worry about for Bieber!

Should Justin hide his new do? You be the judge and tell us your verdict! Do you think Justin's new platinum-blonde hair to "dye" for? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!



  • incez09

    posted 3 years ago

    He looks nice!

  • kidrauhl

    posted 3 years ago

    Always yay <3 :)) he is more good looking tbh