A Magic Trick A Day, Keeps The Speeding Ticket Away!

Drastic times, calls for drastic measures! And for this unexpected scenario, a magician was caught speeding by a policeman in the middle of the night, as he just left from a party in New York City!

As seen in the caption of the video, "December 5th around 3am I was pulled over doing 42 in a 30 MPH. I told the cop I was coming from a Holiday Party in NYC. He asked why I had all the cards in my car and I told him I was a magician. He then asked me to show him a magic trick..." explained Steven.

Watch how this smooth magician successfully gets out of receiving a speeding ticket with his handy-dandy magic tricks, in the video below!

 Video Posted By: Steven Brundage

"I'm glad to say I left without a ticket," Steven said humourously.

The perks of being a magician! Maybe it's time for us to learn how to do some magic of our own, just in case we need to get out of a "tricky" situation too!

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