A Sunny Day Playlist For You!

The sun is out and shining! And it was back to school for most of you folks for the remaining weekdays! The storm has passed and the sunlight is up to sweep the land dry and warm!

So, for most of you looking forward for a sunny weekend, here's a list of bright and sunny songs that would lit up that cold hangover from the previous days of the week!

1) Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves

This 1983 classic signature song from Katrina and The Waves continues to be heard on television commercials, TV shows and the movies! The 2014 music video version by the British romantic comedy musical "Walking On Sunshine" starring Leona Lewis is just as happy! Nuff said, listen as this song gives you that bright carefree feeling!

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2) Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

This song by The Beatles never grows old! "Here Comes The Sun" makes you want to close your eyes then twirl and dance as you feel the warm touch of the sun! Somehow, the lyrics assure that everything will turn out fine just like the sun shining!

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3) Steal My Sunshine by Len

This song was the year before Y2K! Yes! It's 1999 baby! The Canadian rock band Len are best known as a one-hit wonder because of their "Steal My Sunshine" song. Play this song because it definitely makes you reminisce those good ole sunny days!

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4) Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley And The Wailers

Now here's a reggae Bob Marley feels! Imagine that hippy van across the street parked under the shades of the coco trees! Yup! This song just gives you that sunny baywalk vibe! 

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5) Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

Remember Emma Stone's alone moments singing and belting out "Pocketful of Sunshine" in the movie "Easy A"? Well, yeah! She sang a Natasha Bedingfield song and this song centers around escaping one's troubles and finding that peaceful place! So, just do how Emma does it, sing "Pocketful of Sunshine"!

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6) Sunshine by Jojo

From her first self-titled album, Jojo's voice takes you back to 2004! Her "Sunshine" track gives you that early 2000 pop feeling! Aside from that, if you ever look forward for someone to brighten up your day, then this song is for you!

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7) Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow

It's a 2002 song everybody! This Sheryl Crow song is awesome enough for the sunny weather! Listen to this song as it brightens up your mood and affects everyone around you like the chorus "I'm gonna soak up the sun/ Gonna tell everyone To lighten up/ (I'm gonna tell 'em that)" 

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8) Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat

This is one popular Colbie Caillat song for you to hear! "Brighter Than The Sun" has a punch of up-tempo, bright, happy, and beachy aura enough to turn your day wonderful! Listen to this song and sing to it if you wish! 

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9) The Sun Will Rise by Kelly Clarkson

 A Kelly Clarkson song could always be your themesong! This "American Idol" alum's song makes you that hopeful to see the brightest sides of your gloomy moments! Relax those meeting eyebrows, because this song might give you the happy boost you need!

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10) The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead

Release that stiff feeling by enjoying "The Sound of Sunshine!" That's how Michael Franti wants you to feel everyday! Be glad that the sun is shining and keep a positive mind because it's a brand new day! 

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11) Under The Sun by Cheryl Cole

Here's an anthem song for those who are too smart for unfaithful lovers! Because hey, the lyrics say "But I won’t give you my heart/ Cuz it don’t break twice!" Cheryl Cole's 2012 song has this sun-kissed and mid-tempo beat it makes you think that a bitter farewell is just like the bad weather, it never stays forever!

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12) Sunshine On My Shoulders by Carly Jae Raepsen

For all of you folks to know, "Sunshine On My Shoulder" is a John Denver song! This song was inspired with the thought of how just the sun itself can make you feel good! For a fun trivia, this light and breezy cover of the "Call Me Maybe" singer was her first single from her first album in 2008! Enjoy listening!

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13) Standing On The Sun by Beyonce

Would you be surprised to learn that "Standing On The Sun" by Queen Bey was co-written by Sia Furler? Yes! Sia! Well, the Chandelier singer had already penned songs for big artists like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera! Other than that, listening to this song by Beyonce gives you that fierce summery outlook! 

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14) Music of The Sun by Rihanna

There's something romantically happy about this old Rihanna song! But mind you, this song makes you miss her Barbados beat! As usual, let the rhythm of Riri's "Music Of The Sun" bring you to your happy thoughts!

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15) Chasing The Sun by Hilary Duff

To end the list is Hillary Duff's 2014 song "Chasing The Sun!" The former teen idol describes her song as a carefree supercatchy sing-along track! So for a finale, sing-along to it!

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And there goes your sunny day playlist!

Who knows, you might end up with a last song syndrome with these fun bright carefree songs! Have a great day ahead and spread the warm feeling of joy!


What are your favorite songs that brighten up your day? Share us your suggestions by leaving a comment below.