#OishiOWow's #TeamOSurprise Made Countless O Wow-Filled Moments!

For the past 40 years, Oishi has always been about sharing O, Wow! moments - being a fun and creative brand, Oishi makes it a point to inspire in others the philosophy behind their well-loved and iconic snacks! And that's exactly what Team O - Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magolona, Slater Young, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, did in their most recent O Wow Christmas surprise together with MYX Ambushed!

"Lagi nating ginagawa to para mabuo ang araw ng mga tao, to inspire and excite people and bring joy to their lives," explained Ramon Bautista.

In the past, the team had already done several fun and successful surprises when they had newly formed. Pioneered by Elmo, Slater and Ramon, Team O’s success encouraged them to later welcome two more members, teen icons Daniel Padilla (2013) and Kathryn Bernardo (2014).  Last 2013 the team did a surprise entitled “Jeep O”,  along with Daniel Padilla’s “Tag Your Daniel Padilla”, all of which everyone can check out on Oishi’s YouTube page: Oishi's Youtube Channel

This year, Oishi is capping their 40th anniversary celebration by making the surprise bigger with all five members complete in action. To make it more fun and interactive with their fans, Team O got them involved at the start of the year, by announcing that followers could submit their own ideas of what surprise the team should do next. In total Oishi and Team O received thousands of entries and some of the ideas were really unique! Ultimately, with Christmas right around the corner, it seemed the most appropriate for the team to kick off the season by going caroling around the metro.

"We like surprises. That's our main thing here in Oishi. We wanted to give something special in everyone's day and just to make someone say 'Oh Wow' for that day," said Elmo Magolona.

Together with Rye Sarmiento of 6cyclemind, Team O hopped inside their Team O Jeep and scoured the Kamias area of Quezon City, surprising Quezon City High School in Kamuning and 2 residential compounds in Barangay West Kamias.

Upon arriving in Quezon City High School, the team made it a point to be well disguised. Wearing Santa beards, coats, vests, and shutter shades to conduct their carol, The students were baffled to see a group of Santas singing for them. There is no doubt however that they were very suspicious towards the team. As Team O took off their disguises, cheers from the students were so loud you could barely hear Team O finish their last song!

“Hindi ako makapaniwala na sila talaga yun! .. Nung tinangal niya si Kath pala!” - Gigi, 4th year student from QCHS.

After suprising the school, Team O made their way to two residential compounds of Barangay West Kamias. At the start, the residents were almost aloof, quietly just watching the five costumed carolers without finding anything particularly unusual. As Team O took off their guises, you could see the residents’ shock and disbelief at seeing their favorite teleserye actors come to life and visit them at their front door! Some rushed to see if they were real, while neighbors peeped outside their windows to see what all the commotion was all about. Cheers, hugs, autographs and photos were exchanged,, and the residents’ smiles only got bigger when Team O began handing out Oishi Cuckoo Bags .

“Sobrang natuwa talaga kami, palagi kong pinapanood ang mga teleserye nila. Lalo na yung Villa Quintana! So para Makita ko si Elmo Magalona hindi talaga ako makapagpaniwala - hindi ko talaga masabi kung gaano kasaya ako! Hindi ko talaga inakala na mangyayari ‘to sa amin!” - Lola Nene

You can check out how the entire Team O's Christmas caroling surprise went down, by watching the video below!

It was a truly heart-warming surprise, with Team O at the helm! It really seemed like Christmas was coming for the students and residents of Barangay West Kamias. Watch out for more Team O surprises, in the next year to come!