An Amazing 3-Minute Mashup Of TAYLOR SWIFT's Entire 1989 Album!

Song mash-ups are what's on the hype nowadays as it it takes a rendition of more than one song up a notch! But for this already well-known duo on Youtube - Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui - they took mashing-up songs to whole other level!

How? They took all of Taylor Swift's 13 songs in her 1989 album and made into a flawless 3-minute mash-up!

How on earth did they do that? It definitely takes a lot of musicality and artistry, because that is not an easy thing to do. And so as it was Taylor Swift's 25th birthday just the other day, you've got to watch this video for yourself! Be amazed and listen to Taylor Swift's entire album in just 3 minutes by watching the video below!

Video Posted by: Kurt Hugo Schneider

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