These Music-Loving Pets Are Adorable!

It doesn't only happen in a magical storybook world, where a princess sings and then animals from the woods pop out of nowhere to join the sing-along party! It really happens in real life!

In fact, these adorable videos of pet owners prove that pets have a good taste of music! Watch them below:

1) Puppy wakes up from favorite "Let It Go" song!

This Australian Shepherd puppy named Oakley has a favorite song and loves to howl-along to it! Join the count of over 4 million views who find this video cute!

Video Posted by: Britanny Boll

2) Dog dancing along to Flo Rida's hit "Low"

This German Shepherd dog named Jaxson Rose caught over 2.5 million views with its ear-dancing talent! The dog definitely found its jam!

Video Posted by: Jaxson Rose

3) Cat chills to a rock concert on TV!

This cat named Buddy is already more than 1.2 million views famous! The owner caught his little buddy chilling and enjoying the concert playing on the television!

Video Posted by: InZane4all

4) Dog enjoys listening to guitar session!

You're probably one of the 12.4 million views of this dog named Bailey! The owner named Drew Arcoleo figured a bonding moment with his best friend! 

Video Posted by: Drew Arcoleo

The next time you play an instrument, sing or play music, let a man's best friend be the first to judge you, because honestly, they really have good taste in music!

Are your pets music lovers as well? Feel free to leave us a comment below.