MYXclusive: CHLARA - An "Unstoppable" Artist You Need To Watch Out For!

There are some people who are evidently born to do something, and for this British-born filipina acoustic-angel, it's definite that she was indeed, born to create music and tell about her meaningful life through song!

Chlara Isobel B. Magtultol, or better known as just "Chlara," is a talented singer-songwriter who started off her musical journey making videos of her singing covers and original compositions via Youtube. From England, Chlara moved back to the Philippines with her family, who is also very musical.

"When I moved here, my mom enrolled me in singing schools, while my brother took interest in playing instruments. I got jealous and wanted to start playing too, so I copied him and learned from videos and youtube."

Her brother - Gab, plays several instruments and is a band-member who is one of Chlara's biggest mentors when it comes to making music. Then her father - Cesar, loved music, actually passed away in her early years. but left behind numerous vinyl records, which Chlara takes a lot of inspiration from.

"My dad loved music! Before he passed, he left us with hundreds of vinyl records, which my brother and I grew up listening to. Then one day I just started singing, and from then on, I didn't stop!"

With a cold, soothing voice, topped with on-point musicality, there's no question why Chlara gradually became more well-known on the internet just after a few video and audio uploads! From there, she started doing gigs at restaurants, school programs, weddings and other events where her talent surfaced even more! Gaining so many supporters, Chlara stays humble and grounded, as she treats and prefers to call her fans, "friends." Recently, she has been on a radio tour, guested at an ASAP livestream, and has done gigs internationally, with her most recent one in Hong Kong!

Just a few days after her flight back to the Philippines from Hong Kong, she had her album launch at Bertito's Anyhaw, in Halang Calamba, where she felt so overwhelmed by all of the support from her fans, friends and family! 

We got down with Chlara at her debut album launch for a MYXclusive interview, where we got to know more about her musical journey so far - how she got to where she is now, what you can expect in her album and more! Check it out here in the video below!


Now, she has finally released her much-anticipated debut album titled, "Unstoppable," under Evosounds, where you will hear her heart speak through all the tracks in her album! "You Complete Me" is her debut single that you may have heard on air in several local radio stations! The music video has also been played on MYX, which you can watch here, in the video below!

Video Posted By: ChlaraVEVO

Her album is now available at some of your favorite music stores, so make sure to grab a copy to find out why Chlara is truly unstoppable!



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