VJ VIEO's Christmas Spirits Are Up!

Guess what? There's only 8 more days left until the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas!

That's right! We hope you guys are just as excited as we are and that includes VJ Vieo who is ready to party it up for the holidays!

In our chat with Vieo, he shared to us an interesting fact about the one thing he wishes to receive for Christmas and the reason for it. He also sang to us his favorite (and funny) Christmas song, with a twist! Then a funny story about the best gift he has ever received for Christmas. Know all these and more by watching the video below!


Do you have a special Christmas greeting for VJ Vieo? Send it to him here, by leaving a comment!



  • jimboyrosas23

    posted 3 years ago

    sano po palabasin nyo yung sledgehammer by fifth harmony ganda kasi nito ehh your so handsome pala vj vieo