ITCHYWORMS Release "Rainy Day" Music Video!

Itchyworms released their latest music video for the song "Rainy Day", a track from their latest album, "After All This Time". The music video was directed by Alco Guerrero and also features one of the new love teams of 2014, "Danris" or Daniel Matsunaga and Maris Racal. 

Director Alco Guerrero said that the only difficulty they had was finding time to shoot Daniel and Maris at the same time due to the busy schedule of the two. The song started when Itchyworms drummer, Jazz Nicolas emailed vocalist Jugs Jugueta to write the lyrics to the song demo that he just made. With the lyrics and melody completed, Rainy Day was finally finished. 

Rainy Day lets us also see a different side of the band with this song. It was also their first time to view the music video on the day of the launch. 

Watch the music video below! 

Video from Youtube via itchywormslive

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