A Turtle Helped Another Turtle Get Back On Its Feet!

Have you ever stumbled and have fallen down on your knees or back? When you did, did someone help you out to get up again? Well, there was a turtle from Thailand who flipped outside down and another turtle helped it to get back on its feet. 

A father and his daughter joined a school field trip to Taipei zoo when the incident happened. He then uploaded it to Youtube and it has 3 million hits as of this moment. 

Watch the video below to be amazed!

Video from Youtube via AuDi Yu

If turtles help each other to get its fellow turtle back on its feet, let us also do the same thing. It may not be literal, but let us help our friends who are sad and down to get back on their feet. Let us cheer them up and remind them that we are always here for them. 

How did you find the turtle's actions? Feel free to comment below!