MAJA SALVADOR's "Believe" Went From Gold, To Platinum!

She's an exquisite actress, amazing dancer and now, a certified Platinum album holder! Talk about triple-threats!

That's right! We're talking about the one and only, Maja Salvador!

Her debut album "Believe," that was certified Gold last June 5, by the Philipppine Association of the Recording Industry was truly inspiring, but that wasn't the end of the ongoing success of Maja's debut album! From the album, "Dahan-Dahan" was the forerunning single which raised the fan flags of OPM buffs!

The success of Maja's "Believe" didn't stop there!

The debut album received so much positive feedback, that the rewards were so remarkable, because since December 14 on ABS-CBN's show, ASAP, "Believe" went from Gold, to Platinum, in just after 6 months! It sold over 15,00 copies which called for the "crown-change"! Teary-eyed Maja took the award, humbly and is forever grateful for all of her suppporters!

Congratulations to Maja Salvador! She's a walking inspiration and proof that with passion, hardwork and dedication, you can reach those dreams! In Maja's words: "Just believe!"



  • ladysweet

    posted 2 years ago

    Very inspiring Maja..