Sing-Along Again And Catch The Replay Of #MYXMo2014!

The year is almost coming to an end, but when you have an extraordinary night by being part of the biggest sing-along party of the year at The Big Dome - Araneta Colliseum, with a handful of your favorite OPM artists, it's impossible not to reminisce over those amazing moments that happened during the event!

Well lucky for you, we can all look back at it as we watch #MYXMo2014 again altogether! And if you weren't there, you can witness everything that went down during the extra-memorable night at the comfort of your homes through the screens of your TV! It's perfect before we bid farewell 2014 - an incredible year!

You can catch Part 1 of the MYX Mo! 2014 replay on Monday, December 22, at 2:00-3:00PM! Then at the same time (2:00-3:00PM), you can catch the rest of the MYX Mo! parts on the following dates:

Part 2 - Tuesday, December 23
Part 3 - Wednesday, December 24
Part 4 - Thursday, December 25
Part 5 - Friday, December 26

So get your singing voices ready, grab your best-buds and join the party again - #MYXMo2014, only on MYX!