KZ TANDINGAN Shares Her Christmas Wishes And Most Memorable Gift She's Ever Received!

Can you believe it? There's only 5 more days til' Christmas!

The days are going by pretty fast this holiday season, so we hope your Christmas spirits are all sky-rocketing! But at times like this, when we're able to spend days with our loved ones, we can't forget all of the amazing experiences and blessings we've received in the past.

In our Christmas chat with "Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako" singer - KZ Tandingan, she shared with us a remarkable time in her years, where she believed that it was the best and most memorable Christmas gift she's ever received yet! We can't blame her, because it is truly life-changing. She also shared some of her simple Christmas plans for this year and her special wishes! Find out all of these, by watching the video below!


What's the most memorable gift you've ever received for Christmas? Share it with us and send a special greeting for KZ Tandingan, by leaving a comment!