The Boys Of SPONGE COLA Have Some Interesting Things On Their Christmas Wish List!

Usually the first things that come into our minds when we hear Christmas, is gifts or presents! Everyone loves giving and receiving them! However, it can sometimes get difficult when it comes to trying to figure out what to give someone.

To make things easier, we make Christmas wish lists! But then again, things could get even more complicated if a person wants something out-of-this-world, physically impossible, or something that is just somehow hard to give because you simply cannot get it for them!

You'll know what we mean when you hear some of the answers of the boys from Sponge Cola - Yael Yuzon, Gosh Dilay, Erwin Armovit and Ted Mark Cruz, in our fun Christmas chat with them! Check it out here in the video below!


What do you think of Sponge Cola's Christmas wishes? Do you have a special greeting for them! Share your thoughts and send them a message by leaving a comment!