Girl's Incredible Jenga Move Goes Viral!

With the holidays kicking in and a lot of spare time for bonding moments, some of you may want to hit the old school way- playing indoor games such as the classic board games! Among them is the game called jenga!

A jenga is a physical and mental skill game! From a tower constructed of 54 wooden blocks, the game starts as players play by removing one block at a time. Mind you, it takes a fun stage of concentration as you remove a piece at any level and balancing it on top without damaging the tower's balance!

And if you played jenga, you know it's not easy to take a last bar out from a particular level in a Jenga tower! Somehow, this girl proves you wrong! 

Now be part of the 1.1 million views who came to know the trick the girl showed in the video below:

Video Posted by: DKBobby

If it's just mere luck or practice that led the girl to unlock that jenga trick, one thing is for sure, she showed the world that nothing is impossible!

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