KYLA Is Hoping Her Christmas Wish Will Finally Be Granted!

 Can you believe it? There's only 4 days left until Christmas!

If your spirits aren't up yet, well it's about time, because I'm sure almost everyone is all ready to spend some good quality time with their family and friends!

For the RnB Princess - Kyla, who is also a mother and wife, knows that this holiday season is the best time to bond with the whole family! But because of busy schedules, Kyla and her husband made plans that unfortunately don't work out. So this year, she's hoping and praying that it will somehow pull through!

She talks about this in our fun Christmas interview with her, where she also shares about the best gift she has ever received! Check it out here in the video below!


Do you have a special Christmas greeting for our RnB Princess - Kyla? Share it here by leaving us a comment!



  • Ycar

    posted 3 years ago

    Wish for RnB Princess Kyla.. more blessings in family life, career, more albums and concert soon!! Merry christmas Kyla! Thnks Myx!! ??