The Love "Don't Stop" At The LIVESOS Christmas Shenanigans: 5SOS Album Launch!

It was definitely an early Christmas gift for the solid fans of Australian pop-rock/punk band - 5 Seconds Of Summer, as they got down at the rockin' LIVESOS Christmas Shenanigans: 5SOS Album Launch, at Eton Centris Walk, Q.C.!

"LIVESOS" is the very first live album of the band, which is a compilation of their hit tracks from their debut self-titled album - 5 Seconds Of Summer, and EPs "She Looks So Perfect," Don't Stop," "Amnesia" and for promotion, their lead single from LIVESOS - the studio version of "What I Like About You"!

That's 15 tracks recorded live, in different parts of the world during the many concerts they've had this year! What an amazing treat to their hardcore fans and showcase of the bands pure talent, as well as passion for creating and spreading good music!

And so, to celebrate the launch of the LIVESOS album here in the Philippines, the Christmas Shenanigans prepared a lot of fun activities for the fans! That included some live performances from Submission band and two of The Voice Philippines' past contestants - Edray Teodoro (The Voice Kids) and Paolo Onesa!

Rockin' games were played as well during the event, with raffles and special 5SOS merchandise were also given away to some of the lucky winners!

The extremely fortunate DerpCon winners were also present at the event to enjoy this remarkable occasion with all the other 5SOS fans! They shared their amazing experience in LA where they got to meet 5SOS in person and watch their concert! Talk about lucky!

And of course, to officially put the launch to a close, everyone present at the event gathered for their last jam-session altogether - singing their favorite song and rockin' it out like a true 5SOS fan at a live concert!

You can check out more photos from the LIVESOS Christmas Shenanigan HERE! And check out our MYXclusive coverage of what went down that day in the video below!


If you think the 5SOS hype stops there, well you're definitely wrong! Because lucky for all of you 5SOS fans, MYX will be giving you another extra-special Christmas treat - 5SOS style! That's right, because on December 28, at 3PM, we'll be having a 5 Seconds Of Summer Special on MYXellaneous just for you! So make sure to spread the word and stay tuned on MYX - you don't want to miss it!

Do you have a special Christmas wish you want to send to the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer? Send it to them by leaving us a comment!