I Still Believe In Santa's Playlist!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Remember when you used to believe that under those decorated holiday trees were presents for you coming from Santa Claus! And gifts were signs to tell whether your naughty or nice in his list! Well, cheers to a wonderful childhood fantasy! 

Last Christmas eve, his magical sleigh with Rudolph leading the way may have slipped away from your imagination now that your older, but here are eight fun Christmas songs about your most favorite childhood Christmas character ever!

Listen to them below:

1) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Justin Bieber

The well-loved Christmas song about Santa is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," and Justin Bieber's 2011 Arthur Christmas version has a bag full of energy, fun, and jam into it! 

Video Posted by: JustinBeiberVEVO

2) Oh Santa by Mariah Carey

It's not probably as the same league as her "All I Want For Christmas Is You," but Mariah's 2010 "Oh Santa" lead single on her second Christmas album is something you should not miss hearing! Mind you, her whistle registers here are divine!

Video Posted by: MariahCareyVEVO

3) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson and his brothers' "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" will keep bringing you back to your childhood Christmas memories! Listen and enjoy as the Motown heyday version will make you want to belt-along to the song!

Video Posted by: obdiane

4) It Must Be Santa by Bob Dylan

Who's your favorite holiday character? Well, it's a Scottish version of "It Must Be Santa" by Bob Dylan! That fast-paced lively bagpipe will make you want to run around jumping and dancing! 

Video Posted by: BobDylanVEVO

5) Santa Baby by Michael Buble'

 What did you wish for this Christmas? If you want Santa's wish-granting factory to fulfill your extravagant wish list, then Michael Buble's jazzy impression of"Santa Baby" is the perfect song for you!

Video Posted by: zwoooooooooosh

6) Here Comes Santa Claus by Glee

It's a happy Christmas day today! Just keep up that holiday cheer burning like the star on your Christmas tree! This Glee-ful version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" gives that warm joyous feeling!

Video Posted by: Major Gleeks

7) Santa Claus by Shaina Magdayao and Kim Chiu

Here's a sweet catchy OPM song by Shaina Magdayao and Kim Chiu! It's a lighthearted holiday song about Santa Claus! 

Video Posted by: ShainaisLove

8) Santa Claus Lane by Hilary Duff

Do you still remeber your Disney theme songs? Have no fear, because Hilary Duff's "Santa Claus Lane" treats you back to your childhood memories!

Video Posted by: Jessica Chia

There you go, eight fun songs about Santa Claus!

Now, get up from your Christmas eve hangover and enjoy this day with these songs because Christmas ain't over yet buddy!

Where are you today? Share your Christmas plans by leaving us a comment below.