A Very Happy Birthday To HAYLEY WILLIAMS!

"Ain't it fun" having a birthday just after celebrating Christmas? That's a double-whammy and pretty awesome if we may add! Almost just as awesome as, lead vocalist of Paramore - Hayley Williams, who just turned 26 today!

Trending on Twitter is #HappyBirthdayHayleyWilliams where her huge fan base is continuously greeting her with their personal messages! Feeling overwhelmed by the occasion, Hayley Williams tweeted a realization she had:

Screenshot Source: Official Twitter account of Hayley Williams -yelyahwilliams

What a cool coincidence! Well in those 13 years, she's accomplished so much with Paramore and we could only wish her all the best in the future!

We know and fell in love with this singer-songwriter because of her unique and powerful voice, perfect for rockin' out! So here's some of your favorite Paramore songs to rock out to as we celebrate together, Hayley Williams' special day!

Ain't It Fun

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That's What You Get

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Still Into You

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No matter what, we'll still be into you! And so with that said, we would like to extend our greetings to Hayley Williams - Happy 26th Birthday and Happy Holidays! All the best in the upcoming year!

Do you have a special birthday greeting for Hayley Williams? Send your messages by leaving a comment!