VJ BLOG: ROBI Shares His Strange New Year's Resolution And An Interesting Fact On How To Keep It!

There's only 5 more days until we bid farewell to 2014 - an amazingly eventful year, and we welcome the New Year - 2015!

Time is flying, especially during this holiday season! But here's a question for all of you! Have you decided on your New year's resolution yet? If not, here's something to get you started thinking, becaus eit's not yet too late! 

We got down with VJ Robi and asked about his New year's resolution for the upcoming year and he told us that, "It's kind of weird," and went on with a chuckle. He's got a pretty specific resolution, which is great because that will help make it easier for him to keep - something to consider when you're making your list of resolutions. But he also shared with us some "Kuya Kim-style" advice on how you can stick to your resolution! Check it out in the video below!


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