VJ BLOG: NIKKI Shares Her Wisdom On New Year's Resolutions!

VJ Nikki has been told before that she could be a "Disney Princess"! In other words, she is close to perfect in the eyes of many! We can't blame them for thinking that, because VJ Nikki does have the traits of a Disney Princess - beautiful inside and out!

But we know that no one is perfect and that's why every New Year, we try to change for the better by making resolutions!

After many years of experience, VJ Nikki explained to us that she's not exactly the best person to ask when it comes to advice in keeping your resolution, because she experiences the difficulties herself with some of the simplest things. However, she did manage to give some good words of wisdom on how to improve your success-rate in achieving that New Year's resolution!

Find out what VJ Nikki's resolution is for 2015 and her advice on how to stick to it, by watching the video below!


Do you have a New Year's message for VJ Nikki? Send it to her by leaving a comment!



  • exo fan

    posted 2 years ago

    hii vj nikki. ang ganda nyo po sobra .. pa request po ng "lollipop" by :2ne1 ft. bingbang. thank you po .. GOD BLESS MYX .. & MORE POWER MYX.