"I Swear" - Philippines Absolutely Loves SISTAR!

There's no denying that the Philippines absolutely loves Soyou, Hyolyn, Dasom and Bora - the girls of K-Pop group, SISTAR! 

Well, guess what? They love us all back, more than we can imagine! You'll know if you were there at their concert during the KPOP Convention, which was truly a remarkable night! They were all so overwhelmed at the amazing outcome of their concert here in the Philippines, as they explained, they actually never knew they had that many fans and supporters in the Philippines, until that night!

There were so many memorable moments that night, we wanted to share with you - especially those who weren't able to go! But don't you worry! You can check out everything that went what down at their concert here!

Of course, SISTAR showed us their hottest moves as they sang all of your favorite songs, such as "Ma Boy," "Give It To Me," "I Swear," and more! Everyone in the audience cheered and sang along with them - partying and jamming, K-Pop style!

Games were played in between songs, which included interactive games with the fans! They played games like copying the Ryzza Mae chacha dance, talking the filipino "gay linggo," doing the Gwiyomi dance, and "dress-up" with some of the randomly selected fans! If one of the girls won a game, they could stay on the side to relax and watch the other SISTARS play. But in the end, it was Hyolyn who remained on stage! So as a consequence, she had to sing by herself! She ended up singing "Let It Go" from the movie, Frozen!

SISTAR Philippines also prepared a special video, bouquets of flowers and cake for the four ladies, which actually made one of them - Soyou, cry tears of joy in front of everyone! They were all so overwhelmed with the overflowing love for them from the filipino fans! They also greeted Hyolyn an advanced Happy Birthday! Clearly, we didn't fall short in the welcoming department!

You can check out some footage from their fun concert, in the video below!


Since SISTAR now knows they have so many supporters here in the motherland, don't be surprised if they come back in the future for another round of sizzling performances, fun and games! We hope to see you all again, and keep the love strong for SISTAR! And remember to stay tuned for our MYXclusive interview with Soyou, Bora, Hyolyn and Dasom, only on MYX!

What was your favorite part of their concert? Do you have a special New Year's greeting for SISTAR? Leave us a comment!



  • princessswagJO

    posted 3 years ago

    gosh!!! if I was given a chance to attend the concert, i would love everything that happened there :)

  • Bessie

    posted 3 years ago

    Yes,we really love them. <3