JOVIT BALDIVINO Has A Different And Interesting Resolution For 2015!

We started off 2015 with nothing but good-vibes and we hope that you still got it flowing in you because we are 100% sure that this year will be better than ever!

For those who have New Year's resolutions this year, just a friendly reminder to keep it up and words of encouragement for you - you CAN do it!

Jovit Baldivino has a New Year's resolution for this year as well but it was actually also encouraged by many of his friends and family. But it's not exactly something a person would think of or want for New Year's. What could it be? Well here's a clue! It has something to do with a word that is found in Jovit's last name that starts with the letter "B"! 

If you think you got it, you can check out if you are indeed correct by watching the video below!


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