THE PIN-UPS Release "Can't Stand Waiting Here" Music Video!

The Pin-Ups is an independent band from the Philippines which formed after the dissolution of "The Pin Up Girls". The band is composed of 5 members namely: Mondo Castro on vocals and guitars, Ryan Nachura on guitars, keyboards, and vocals, Raffy Bonifacio on drums, Hiyasmin Neri on vocals, and guitars, and Hazel Silvestre on bass guitar.

"Our band was influenced by a lot of things like Indie Rock, New Wave, Traditional Rock, 90's Rock, and we write songs about life and we write songs for God." said Mondo Castro. 

The Pin-Up Girls was dubbed as “the first Philippine-based band to sign with a U.S. label” under Know-It-All Records and later, with Sutton Music. They were also part of the U.K.’s Baby Boom Records compilation album.

The band released its music video and single "Can't Stand Waiting Here" last Monday, December 22 at the Craft in The Fort Strip, BGC. When they sent the demo to HolyZone Records, a US based recording company, the CEO, Chip Flores said: “I get thousands of songs sent in every day. My staff tries to listen to as many as possible. Your music came through and we all had the same smile on our face like finally something different and fresh.”  

Watch the MYXclusive interview with The Pin-Ups below! 


Watch their latest single and music video, "Can't Stand Waiting Here" below!

Video from Youtube via paolo jaminola

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