Retrospect With This Incredible "2014 In 4 Minutes" Video!

So much can happen in just one year and we can easily say that 2014 was filled with remarkable, outrageous and shocking events around the world that will remain with us in time! From great movies, songs, deaths of celebrities, rise of new artists, sports, wildlife, disasters, wins, losses, politics - you name it! Anything and everything under the twenty-fourteen sun is compiled in this outstanding viral-video! But there's just too many to recall, that we may miss out some of the events that happened!

Well here's an incredible 4-minute video which highlights all of those remarkable happenings in 2014 which you may or may have not known about!

That's right, Ryan James Yezak - the amazing creator of this video, was able to compile all of those numerous events of 2014 all in just 4 minutes! Cool, huh? Just check it out for yourself and take a trip down memory lane by watching the video below!

Video Posted By: RyanJamesYezak

What was the most memorable event that happened in 2014 for you? Share it with us by leaving a comment!