CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA Posts A Reunion Selfie With Two Fellow Singing Champs!

A fresh new start for the new year! 

That's how our Asia's Romantic balladeer, Christian Bautista, did together with his brother, who are both having their vacation in London!

One of probably the perks of Christian in London is to support his good friends, Rachelle Ann Go and Mark Bautista, who are in the plays "Miss Saigon" and "Here Lies Love," respectively.

Christian Bautista then posted on his instagram account a reunion selfie with Rachelle Ann Go and Mark Bautista with the caption "Cause friendship means supporting one another. I'm really proud of these guys. Great catching up with @iammarkbautista @gorachelleann @sirjoshuab" 

Meanwhile, Rachelle Ann Go also took to instagram to share her happiness regarding their unlikely reunion and also reposted Christian's selfie reunion with the caption "Thank you @xtianbautista and @sirjoshuab for visiting London! We hope you will enjoy Here Lies Love and Miss Saigon next week! ?? #thesaigondiaryofrachelle #reunion #champs" 

 She also felt so glad to see Christian around and even opted to joke for him to audition in London posting a photo of them together with a caption saying "Turista lang! Nice to see you in London @xtianbautista ??audition here na haha! Enjoy your vacation with @sirjoshuab !!! #thesaigondiaryofrachelle"


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 Also jumping into the instagram reunion posts fun is Mark Bautista!

He expressed that he felt like home and posted a photo of the three of them together taken by Christian's brother! The caption says "Nice to see our brother @xtianbautista here in London! feels just like home.." 


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We all can't stop being so happy to see them together! Gratefulness are etched on their faces as well! Plus their reunion posts on instagram make a thousand fans smile, just the best way to spread great vibes for the year 2015!

How do you feel about the reunion of your singing champs? Feel free to leave us a comment below.