12-Week Old Puppy Learns 8 Tricks In 4 Days!

It's back to reality for the majority of us, but that's nothing to worry about! Put a smile on your face and start the day right with nothing but optimism! And to help get you're positivity rolling, we've got a video of an amazingly smart puppy who learned so many tricks in just 4 days!

Brody Brixton - a French Bulldog puppy owned by Misa Minnies, was trained at a very young age! With the owner's wide experience working with dogs, she was able to teach Brody so quickly, it even surprised her! Hardwork, patience and a smart pup like Brody goes a long way, and at his learning rate, we're sure that this puppy is going places!

Brody the French pup has already gained so much recognition through this viral video which now has over 1-million views! Get your daily dose of good vibes by watching this video! It's guaranteed to make your heart melt!

Video Psted By: MeSoMiniMisa

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