Entire EDSA In 3 Minutes?

When you hear "EDSA", what's the first thing that comes into your mind?

For the majority of us, we can easily associate the word with "traffic"! You'll know this if you've experienced going through EDSA on the way to work, school, a mall or wherever it is you need to get to and you were stuck in traffic for a really long time! It's a big inconvenience and can get pretty stressful!

And when there is traffic, we sacrifice time! People who commute and take the EDSA route on a daily basis know that they have to set some time allowance in order not to be late, because of the dreaded traffic. A supposedly 30-minute commute could double into 1-hour ride when you add traffic into the equation! And that's just a mild example, because it could actually get even worse!

Can you imagine being able to travel through EDSA in just 3 minutes? Wouldn't that be extremely convenient? We'd definitely be able to save loads of time! Well you don't need to imagine it. Just check out our awesome original production, traveling video through EDSA in just a matter of 3 minutes! Take this trip with us and check it out below!


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