Pinoy Shows Ingenious Way To Play "Clash Of Clans" Game!


Clash Of Clans is a free downloadable application on Android phones and smartphones!

The game application is like what most base defense and attack games offer, wherein you build a strong base, train your army for defense, and of course, earn pots of gold to keep your base thriving!

And every Clash of Clans fan knows that one way to keep your base from damages and losses is to be online 24/7 and to keep swiping your screen so the game won't close! However, that's the problem, our focus is not solely on the game alone, but there's a good news spreading online last October 2014!

A Facebook account user by the name Luis Tecson shared a video on how to give your Clash Of Clans base a lifetime protection!

 According to Tecson, what you need are Cotton BudsAluminum foil, Scissors, Tape, and  a pen- just everyday things you could find at home!

The instructions posted on his video are as follows:

 1. Remove the ink from the pen.

2. Cut the cotton swab at a sharp angle and insert it into the mouth of the pen. Secure with tape.

3. Wrap the foil around the neck of the pen, a couple of centimeters above the tip of the cotton swab. Wrap tightly, and secure with tape at the top.

4. Moisten the cotton swab with a drop of water. DONE *try it on your own risk, be safe!

The result was an electric fan shield! And his video garnered more than 800,000 views, 10,000 likes, and 17,000 shares on Facebook to date!


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