BASTILLE Stamped Their Hearts On The Philippines!

"Salamat! Mabuhay! Thank you so much!"

Those were the words that were constantly uttered by Dan Smith - the lead vocalist during their concert here in Manila last night, at the World Trade Center! Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons, and Will Farquarson are the other extremely talented three-fourths that complete this inspiring and passionate English rock band - Bastille!

They finally made it here to the Philippines to give us a show that we will never forget, and that's exactly what they did, and more!

"Getting to go to different parts of the world we'd never thought we'd go to before, like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and of course here [Philippines], Southeast Asia - it's just incredible and we're so thankful!"

 It was their first time here in the Philippines and they constantly extended their gratefulness to us, because they never imagined to get this far in their musical journey! These four have been pretty busy doing their rounds around the world as they make footprints in the hearts of their fans, so it was such an honor to have them!

Recently they announced their third mixtape "VS. (Other People's Heartache, Part III)" which features so many other great artists like Lizzo, Haim, MNEK and more!

"It was really fun! Each song was done in a very different way, with very different people! Some of them were in the room, some of them were done on the internet. In our albums, we don't really have a chance to collaborate much, but in our mixtapes, it's a platform for us to experiment... so it's good, it's fun, it's a chance for us to mess around with genre and work with friends and people we don't know too, so it's cool!"

With all of their original songs in their latest mixtape, we were lucky to get to hear some of them live during their concert and it's definitely a must-hear!

They explained to us that of course, they plan to finish their second album as soon as they're back home, which is part of their New Year's goals! These guys are so dedicated to their craft! They told us that wherever they are in the world, no matter when - they are always coming up with ideas for new elements in their music to make it reflect them in the best way possible and just make it sound good!

"What we've realized in these passed years is that the decisions you make, even the smallest ones, in making an album - they follow you around for the next two and a half years, so hopefully... we just want to make a good album that we'll enjoy and our fans will enjoy. We want it to be a progression from the first album."

Well based from what they showed us at their concert, and all of the music they have been releasing, there's no doubt that we will love all of their upcoming albums and songs to come! During the concert, we were also lucky to hear one of their songs from their second album! It was an absolute treat for the numerous Bastille fans at the concert, but they didn't want the party to end, and asked for more when the 4 members of Bastille left the stage already! Because they had such an amazing time with us, they came out to perform 3 more songs to end the memorable night, right!

 "Thanks for coming to the show and we'd like to come back very soon please! We're just very happy to be here... we appreciate all of your support!"

 Bastille has many plans for this year, and hopes that we continue to support them and their music!

Stay tuned for our MYXclusive interview with them, where we got to know the boys of Bastille better and as they explained more about their amazing and humble musical journey - only here, on MYX!