BASTILLE's Dan Smith Takes A Selfie From A Lucky Fan's Camera!

Last Monday night, English rock band Bastille slammed their first concert in the Philippines at the World Trade Center!

It was definitely a night to remember for British Singer Dan Smith, the lead vocalist of the band, who took not just one but three selfies from a very lucky Pinoy fan's camera!

He then posted it on the social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram, to express his gratitude to the fan who saved that moment!

At the band's official Facebook account, the caption of the three photos read:

"Thank you to the girl who let me borrow her phone at our show in Manila last night. The South East Asia tour has been so much so far. Thanks to everyone who's come along."

 Photo source:Official Bastille Facebook account

Meanwhile on instagram, he also expressed his gratitude with the caption saying "Thank you to the girl at the front of our gig in Manila last night who let me borrow her phone for a bit..." 


A photo posted by @bastilledan on


Dan Smith's post makes fans love him and the band even more! And for the girl, she's the luckiest Bastille fan in the Philippines!

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