A Woman Gets Carried Away While Dancing!

Most of us love music. Who wouldn't? It is a great way to find peace, love and fun! Some of them would listen to music if they want to study, to relax, to have a background music because they are in love, or some listen to them to dance and groove!

When you listen to music, do your hips drop to every beat? Does your body sway to every rhythm? Well this woman from the video below definitely gets carried away! 

It seems that this woman from the video is an audience of what seems to be a pageant and got carried away while dancing to the point that she rolled to the grass, made a couple of acrobatic stunts and climbed the stage!

Watch the video below to find out what we're talking about!


Video from Facebook via 'Rain Aaron Hawksmith

Do you groove that way when you dance in parties?

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