This Innovative Japanese Pot Can Stir By Itself!

If you love to cook and sometimes you have a hard time juggling all of these other tasks you need to do while cooking, or if you're always forced to cook and you hate having to stir, then either way - this is the perfect innovation for you!

Presenting, the "Self-Stirring Japanese Pot" - a kitchen tool that will automatically stir whatever you put into the pot, all by itself right before your eyes! Another first-world problem solved! This video was actually posted a year ago, but has only recently gone viral receiving over 150,000 new views!

A Japanese dentist created this pot, but how exactly does it work? Well it was invented with ridges that causes the water and food to spin when heat is applied!

Although this pot is rather pricey, it could sure be a big help to anyone who loves to be in the kitchen cooking!

Check out how this amazing pot works its magic by watching the video below!

Video Posted By: Ichigo Gumi

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