JESSICA SANCHEZ Releases New Music Video - "This Love" Directed By GAB VALENCIANO!

Filipina-American singer-songwriter and 1st runner-up of American Idol Season 11 - Jessica Sanchez, has just released a new music video that she and the extra-special director has been teasing us with for some time now! The song is titled, "This Love", and the music video was actually directed by the "Super-Selfie King" himself - Gab Valenciano!

We all fell in love with Jessica Sanchez and her singing voice when she was exposed in American Idol Season 11, where she made it to the finale, grabbing 2nd place! That served as a springboard to her successful solo career now, as she continues to release more of her amazing music! But this time, she was able to collaborate with another talented filipino artist, Gab Valenciano! We know this man has plenty of creative ideas, especially after his video was actually used as inspiration by the hiphop royal and Queen- Beyonce, in her music video for, "7/11"!

With these two extremely talented artists collaborating, we're predicting that this video will definitely be a hit with it's cool concept! The entire video is in the perspective of her "special someone" in her life, and shows Jessica just simply enjoying life with that person in many diffferent locations!

Some other big names online have already responded to Jessica's new music video!

And of course the director of the video, Gab Valenciano continues to support Jessica Sanchez and their music video!

Check it out their awesome music video, "This Love" here!

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  • BlujayGener

    posted 2 years ago

    love the video so much. She's just enjoying herself :)