SIA Drops Thought-provoking "Elastic Heart" Official Music Video With A New Cast!

After last year's breakthrough of Sia's "Chandelier" music video which starred 12-year old dance prodigy, Maddie Ziegler, the Australian singer-songwriter now released the official music video of her third single from her "1000 Forms Of Fear" Album- "Elastic Heart"!

The Catching Fire soundtrack's official music video concept features Maddie Ziegler and a new cast, former Transformers lead star, Shia Labeouf, clad in greased nude outfits and trapped in a cage! As the video progresses,  the whole concept was an abstract story which drew different interpretations! It was something that Sia wanted to achieve from the beginning- art in music!

Hours after its release, the music video trended worldwide with the hashtag "#ElasticHeart" and the singer-songwriter expressed her concern on her official Twitter account tweeting :

"I anticipated some 'pedophilia!!!!' Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play"

The music video which showed a 12-year old together with a 30-year old looking man somehow became the fruit of the disturbing interpretation! Soon after, she has expressed her apology in another tweet:

But fans who respected her artistic intentions came to back-up in her defense!

Sia's thought-provoking creativity definitely attracted another online topic! But whatever her intentions are, it's a music video from an artist's point of view! And that's one intention of art- it leaves everyone thinking!

So, check out the music video below and discover your own interpretation:

Video Posted by: SiaVEVO

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