A Little Girl Beats Beauty and the Beast's Gaston!

Arm wrestling can be a pretty fun yet challenging game. You need to have techniques for you to be able to win. Size may be a big factor for this game, but not all the time. All you need to have are tricks under your sleeve. 

Just like this kid in the video below! Who would have thought that a little girl can beat a full grown man in an arm wrestling game! 

She approached Gaston and asked him to do two things for her. 1st is to look at himself in the mirror, and the other, to arm wrestle with him. Gaston denied at first, but the girl was decided to fight him.

Watch the video below to be amazed on how this little girl beat gaston!

Video from Youtube via Peyton Kays

Techniques are really important! Remember that it doesn't matter if you are small, all you need to do is to use your mind and surely, you'll win!

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