The Manila Debut Of Disney's Beauty And The Beast Received A Standing Ovation!

This "tale as old as time", one of the biggest and most successful broadway musical productions, has finally made its way to Manila as part of their first-ever international tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary on stage, and has made everyone fall in love with this timeless and classic fairy-tale all over again!

The Beauty and The Beast is one the most well-known and loved stories we'll never forget, especially after watching the original broadway musical spectacular! It takes the classic fairy-tale about love and being loved, with more modern and humorous twists - creating an absolutely entertaining, refreshing and simply magical production that anyone and everyone should see!

On its preview day at the Cultural Center Of The Philippines, the magical production received a generous round of applause with a full-house standing ovation, as the show was just simply phenomenal!

This classic story revolves around Belle - a young woman who feels outcasted in the town she lives in with her father, and the Beast - a young prince who is trapped in a spell by a mysterious enchantress. In order to break the spell, the Beast must learn to love and be loved in return, to turn back into his true self again.

The two main characters of this love story were perfectly personified and acted out by Hilary Maiberger and Darick Pead - both with rich voices and spectacular acting! They're strongly supported by a talented group of actors and actresses, also known for their appealing stage-presence and amazing voices! Lumiere (the candlestick) - Hassan Nazari-Robati, Cogsworth (the clock) - James May, Gaston - Alan Dietlein, Lefou (sidekick of Gaston) -Jordan Aragon, Mrs. Potts - Emily Mattheson, Maurice (Belle's Father) - Paul Crane and Chip (Mrs. Potts' child) - William Poon!

The production of this musical was performed magically - from the songs, music and choreography - everything was staged flawlessly! Supplemented with fantastic costumes that completes the look of each character, beautiful set design that set the mood of each scene entirely and transitioned like you were just flipping to the next page of the fairy-tale's book! On top of that, the most memorable moments of Beauty and The Beast were fully presented and captured with well-executed lights, sounds and special effects that will not cease to amaze you!

Rob Roth is the director of this amazing production, who is also a recipient of a Tony Award nomination for his Broadway directorial debut with the musical—and choreographed by Matt West. We also have the rest of the creative team to thank for the outstanding production work - Tony Award-winning Ann Hould-Ward, costume design; Natasha Katz, lighting design; Stanley A. Meyer, scenic design; John Petrafesa, Jr., sound design; and Michael Kosarin, music supervision! 

The show will be staged at the Cultural Center Of The Philippines Main Theater til' January 25! For more information on times and tickets, visit:

This one spectacular broadway musical - Beauty and the Beast is a show you don't want to miss! Whether you're young or young at heart, this beautiful and classic story about love will rekindle your spririts, with all of the dazzling shows' enchantment!