Fearless Man Climbs A 1500-Foot TV Tower!

Fear of heights? That doesn't mean a thing for this man who has to change lightbulbs from a 1500-foot tower in South Dakota!

Kevin Shmidt is the man you'll see in this nerve-racking video as he climbs up the 1500-foot tower, effortlessly like it's just a walk in the park! We commend him for his bravery, because It's definitely not something an average man can do!

The flip-side to doing this though, is the amazingly beautiful view from the top of the tower! But still, you're going to have to suck up the fear of heights, and just keep on climbing to get that view!

To save yourself from any danger, just check out the video for yourself! It'll definitely get your heart racing, just imagining you were in Kevin's place!

Video Posted By: PrarieAerial

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