20 Reasons Why Pope Francis Absolutely Rocks!

There's no doubt that our Holiness Pope Francis is one of the most extraordinary Popes ever! There are endless reasons why everyone loves him! We know that he has done some truly remarkable and inspiring acts when he stepped into power, but he has also done some pretty amazing yet slightly unusual things before he became Pope that you may not know about!

As we join our beloved Pope Francis during his visit here in the Philippines, take a look at some of these interesting and rockin' facts about Pope Francis, his life and works that give us all the more reasons to love him even more!

1. He is an active tweet-er on Twitter with more than 5 million followers! 

2. He sneaks out late at night to accompany and help the homeless and unfortunate!

3. He gives rides to people on his Popemobile!

4. He was once a night-club bouncer back in Argentina to help pay for his studies!

5. He briefly met and greeted Angelina Jolie!

6. He has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine!

7. He only had one functioning lung and had a part of his right lung removed in his youth but still appears to be in good health!

8. He is not shy to take selfies with anybody!

9. He auctioned off his Harley Davidson motorcycle and donated the money to start a soup kitchen in Rome!

10. He is a big fan of soccer, but in his younger years, he played basketball just like his father! Because of this, he has an impressive collection of jerseys as he has received a great amount as gifts that will make any soccer and basketball fans envious!

11. He studied philosophy and holds a Masters degree in Chemistry!

12. He was named Time magazine's person of the year in 2013 - the man who has done the most to influence the events of the year!

13. Instead of luxurious and expensive vehicles, he chooses humility over and rides in less "showy" forms of transportation!

14. He chose not to live in the official Papal residence in the Apostolic Palace, but stayed instead in the much humbler Vatican guest house where he can receive visitors and hold meetings!

15. He broke tradition and said that the church's perception on athiests being "evil" is wrong and that they can be great people!

16. As a kid, he wrote a love letter to a girl and said, "If I don't marry you, I'm going to be a priest."

17. During a major celebration, he allowed a child who suddenly came on stage to hug him, stay on stage and sit in his chair!

18. As a true-blooded Argentine, he loved to dance the tango as a teen with his then-girlfriend!

19. He is multilingual! He speaks Spanish, Latin and Italian fluently and can understand English, Ukranian, German, French and Portugese!

20. In the 1960's, he used to teach theology, psychology, literature and philosophy at several high schools in Argentina!

And all of those things make up the awesome and rockin' Pope Francis we know of now!

Did you know all of those facts about our beloved Pope Francis? Do you know any other cool facts about him? Share them with us and leave us a comment!