Happy Birthday to NASRI ATWEH of MAGIC!

Canadian reggae-fusion band, MAGIC!'s lead vocalist - Nasri Atweh, celebrates his 34th birthday today!

Nasri has always been musically inclined, as he started singing at the age of six! He graduated highschool in 1999, where in his yearbook ambition he said, "to be where the music lives"! There's no denying that that is where exactly he is now! If you didn't know, Nasri is also a producer and songwriter and has written for other major labels such as Justin Bieber, David Guetta, Shakira, Jason Derulo, Akon, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Jay Sean, and more! Talk about accomplished! But this man is so passionate about his craft, that there's no stopping him from making the best of music!

We got to know him more in his cool and down-to-earth group, MAGIC! when they came out with their single, "Rude", which became an absolute hit, here in the Philippines (and around the world)! Being the first popularized reggae-fusion band, they instantly gained an enormous amount of fans with their original, chill and catchy songs that will get you on your feet with your hands up swaying back and forth!

We were so lucky we got to have them here performing live for the Filipino fans last October, for their first-ever concert in the Philippines, which was an amazing night of jamming! Here was some of the highlights that night!


And to keep the party going, we've compiled your favorite MAGIC! songs below for you to sing-along to and jam to, in celebration of Nasri's special day!

Don't Kill The Magic


Let Your Hair Down

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On the official MAGIC! facebook account, Nasri said, "Thank you for the b-day wishes! Please do something fun today!"

So make sure you do just that! Becuase what's a birthday celebration if you're not having fun!

We'd like to greet Nazri a very Happy Birthday! Don't kill the birthday magic! Give Nazri your special happy birthday message by leaving a comment!