New MYX VJ Erica Debuts On Pop MYX Tonight!

Last week, three new MYX VJs welcomed your New Year on MYX! And you are definitely excited to catch what they'll do for you as a MYX VJ this year! 

Monday is always the start of something new every week! Speaking of new, one of your newest MYX VJs, Erica Abello, is finally making her debut as a MYX VJ tonight on Pop MYX!

So, don't miss out as you get to see her share about the current releases from the most popular artists today on Pop MYX tonight at 6 PM! 

And if you want to get to know MYX VJ Erica, then check out the video below:


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Catch your new MYX VJ Erica Abello on Pop MYX Tonight at 6 PM on your MYX cable channel!