This Upcoming Undead Survival Game Will Make Your Heart Race!

We all know that zombies are born out of horror-fiction! Horror-fiction aside, one thing we hate about zombies are the extremely fast kind like the ones you watched from the films "Dawn of the Dead" (2004) and "World War Z" (2013)!

However, there's one thing to love about this zombie-themed action survival game! The game called "Dying Light," is presented in the first-person perspective, and parkour specialists from Ampisound took on a whole new level by shooting a real-life video of what would fans expect from the anticipated zombie survival game!

Once you watch the video, it will remind you of the "Temple Run" app, but placing yourself in an infected urban area and facing a frantic escape from fast-paced zombies is another situation!

So, see for yourself by checking out the heart-racing undead survival game below:

Video Posted by: Ampisound

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