Experts Developed A Real "Invisibility Cloaking Device"!

Like the invisibility cloak of Harry Potter - anyone who loves the super-human power of invisibility would defnitely love this amazing invention being developed by expert researchers at the University of Rochester!

John Howell and Joseph Choi are the experts behind the creation of this world's first known, 3-D, transmitting, continuously multidirectional cloaking device that could help us in many different ways! How it works is that it bends light so that it passes around an object and through the lens, making it look like it's invisible and essentially, you'll be able to see "through" the object! Cool, huh?

Potential uses for this incredible invention, is that surgeons could be able to see through their hands to make it easier while operating and drivers could see cars in blind spots!

The inventors explained that you could actually create your own cloaking device for less than $150!

Check out the video below to see how the invention works!

Video Posted By: Newsy Science

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