This Six Country Song Mash-Up Never Ceases To Amaze!

Ever had a moment when you hear that one song that is sometimes connected to another song? Oftentimes, you enjoy singing two or three songs by making it into one song! 

Well, YouTube user, Sir Mashalot, had the fun idea to mash-up six country songs from Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Parmalee, Florida Georgia Line and Chase Rice using a smart editing software! Yes! You heard it right! Six songs!

And guess what? The mash-up of the six country songs sounds amazing! You'll want to play it over again to see how striking the similarities of the songs were!

The video which opens with a dramatic-like introduction had already garnered more than 3.5 million views to date!

So, sing-along to this mind-blowing mash-up by Sir Mashalot in the video below:

Video Posted by:Sir Mashalot

Do you have any songs in mind that may sound alike at some parts? Feel free to share us your ideas by leaving us a comment below.